COVID-19 Updates


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Will the June test be held?

Nationally, yes. But many test centers have either closed or pushed back to the June 20th make-up date. By now you should have heard from your test center and/or the ACT, but we've seen instances where communication has come from the ACT confirming the test only to have the test listed as closed a day or two later. To be confident you'll want to check the list of closures here:


If you can contact your test center directly, I'd suggest doing so to confirm the status of your test.


What if the test gets cancelled?

​​​The ACT should have notified you by now and provided instructions on how to rescheulde (free of charge) to the July test date. If you've learned your test is cancelled without hearing from ACT directly, don't assume you'll be automatically re-registered. The ACT has explicitly said they will not re-register any students themselves. 


From the ACT:

Examinees who are registered at a test center that is unable to test on June 13, but able to test on the June 20 makeup date, will receive direct communication from ACT (either via email to their web account, or a physical letter will be sent) announcing this change. 

ACT cannot automatically re-register students. Students should follow the instructions emailed to them by ACT to change their registration.



What health precautions will the test centers take?

The ACT has stated it will be following all CDC and state/local guidelines. That will include preparing test centers for social distancing, and PPE will be encouraged (possibly mandated, depending on location).  


Here's what they've said:

ACT will be following CDC-recommended guidelines for social distancing at our test centers for June and July.

No personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided by the test center. Examinees are encouraged to bring their own mask, personal hand sanitizer, and other PPE.

Gloves and hand sanitizer are acceptable to have on test day and in the testing room. Gloves, and other PPE are subject to inspection.

If you don’t feel well, please stay home!

If you did not test, then on the Monday after test day you can go into your web account and make a test date change at no fee.


This is all the inform​ation currently available, but my hope is that the next week will see communications both from ACT and testing centers that will give us a clearer sense of what we can expect.


I heard the ACT is going to offer in-home testing. Is that true? 

ACT has stated that they will offer in-home, computer-based testing through remote proctoring for students, starting this Fall. It sounds like this will be the case whether schools reopen in the Fall or not. 

They also have announced that they still plan to offer a computerized testing option (at test centers) as well as single-section testing, come Fall. 




The June test was canceled. What are my other options? 

Students who had registered for the June SAT can now transfer their registration to any other administration date. College Board also states that many colleges are extending their early action/early decision dates and advises students to keep checking the college websites for accurate updated information on deadlines. Future SAT dates are: 

  • August 29th 

  • September 26th  

  • October 3rd 

  • November 7th 

  • December 5th 

SAT Subject Tests will be offered on all of these dates except September 26th.

Juniors and Seniors at schools participating in SAT School Day are able to test on September 23rd.

I haven't signed up for a test yet. Do I have to wait to register?

No. Registration is fully open for all students as of Wednesday, June 3.


What happens if my test is canceled? 

Any students who had registered for an SAT test that was canceled will receive an email directly from SAT inviting them to reschedule for a future test date. As with the ACT, it will not be rescheduled automatically. Register as soon as you can to ensure you get a spot. 


I heard the SAT is going to offer in-home testing. Is that true? 

Not anymore. College Board originally committed to a digital version “in the unlikely event” that schools remain closed through the fall. However, they've since dropped those plans, announcing that the difficulty of ensuring equal access to the necessary technology was too high.




As the landscape for future testing dates and options is in a state of continual adaptation due to COVID-19, it is important to check frequently for updates - there is a banner at the top of each website page that will direct you to the most recent news: