SAT Masterclass

Franklin Yard's Masterclass courses are built on our proprietary gameplan for higher scores. Master essential skills and thinking patterns, learn critical test strategies, and develop key habits for effective score improvement.

Students will learn:

  • High-value content and unifying principles for the SAT

  • "Thinking like the test-maker": identifying and leveraging the unique aspects of standardized test structure

  • Developing skillful error analysis, temping wrong answer analyses, and question categorization

“Sam and Josh both have been absolutely incredible teachers...the fun and enthusiastic energy they bring to each of the classes really made it something I'd look forward to.”

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3 full-length tests and 12 hours of class instruction


Courses taught via Zoom by Franklin Yard's head tutors


Dedicated teaching assistant available for 7-day/week support

Cost: $699

Class Dates

Tuesdays, 6 - 8pm

April 27: Reading

May 4: Math

May 11: Writing + Language

May 18: Math

May 25: Mixed Strategies

June 1: Mixed Strategies + Review

Spring SAT Masterclass

Practice Test Dates

Sundays, 10am - 1:30pm

April 25

May 16

May 30

Register by April 26


Any questions about the classes?
Email Tara Higgins at